Tony Cox at his best with Songs of Sixty

Tony Cox will perform Songs Of Sixty at the Cape Farmhouse in December 2014 - Photo by Gail McAll
Tony Cox will perform Songs Of Sixty at the Cape Farmhouse in December 2014 – Photo by Gail McAll

Only three performances Fridays 5, 12 and 19 December 2014 at 20:30 in The Attic at the Cape Farmhouse, Route M66, Scarborough, Cape Town.

Sixteen years ago Tony Cox decided to ‘mostly’ give up singing and focus on writing music for solo, instrumental guitar. This he did to critical acclaim and garnered three SAMA awards for the best instrumental album of 2001/3 and 8. Now, at the tender age of sixty, Cox has made a strong return to singing. On 5, 12 and 19 December 2014 he will present his new show Songs of Sixty at The Attic, Cape Farmhouse, Scarborough. Performances are at 20:30 each night.

Songs of Sixty is one of South Africa’s favourite guitar players at his very best, with the added dimension of sung songs, songs of life and love, songs that are thoughtful, darkly funny, bluesy with an afro groove. Cox’s trademark guitar playing holds it all together in a wall of rhythm, texture and sound.

Tony Cox - Photo by Gail McAll
Tony Cox – Photo by Gail McAll

Prior to the sixteen years, Cox shared his performance roughly 50/50 between songs and instrumentals. When asked why he stopped singing he simply said he was head over heels in love with the pure voice of the guitar and went down, with what is now considered a very well documented road of producing an incredible body of music for the guitar.

‘At the time, I didn’t really feel emotionally driven to sing a lyric anymore and needed to feel connected to the subject matter for it to be a real song for me and I just wasn’t there in my head. The guitar itself was very insistent’.

‘My voice now is definitely an improvement from when I was younger, it’s deeper and cracked, which I like … and the songwriting is simpler and more melodic and the subject matter cuts deeper.

Tickets cost R120.

Call 021 780 1246, e-mail or book through

5 Dec

12 Dec

19 Dec

Chef Phil’s legendary Tapas menu is available from 6pm.

Entrance to The Cape Farmhouse is at the bottom of Red Hill, 3k from Scarborough and is at the junction of the M65 and M66 Plateau Road, opposite the Zimbabwean Sculpture Garden


  1. We saw this band in Newark, Delaware, but did not buy the “Brotherhood”CD. Do you know where we can purchase tnis CD?

    Thank you

    • Thanks for your inquiry Lois,
      I’ll get in touch with Kesivan Naidoo and get some stock of the album for the JazzE Store and get back to you as soon as it becomes available.
      Etienne (Editor, JazzE Magazine)


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