NEA calls for Creative Arts Adjudicators

National Eisteddfod Academy
National Eisteddfod Academy

The National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA), supported by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, is calling for Creative Arts adjudicators for its Adjudicators Forum.

Both established and aspiring adjudicators in the Creative/Visual arts genre are cordially invited to avail themselves for adjudication at the 2015 season of the annual NEA Eisteddfod and to attend a meeting focused on the adjudication process that will be held on 5 August 2015 at the NEA offices, 1st floor, 284 Oak Avenue, Randburg from 15:00 – 17:00.

Adjudicating an art work fairly and providing constructive feedback is the real moment of truth that defines the legitimacy and developmental value of the NEA Eisteddfod programme.

“In the past the NEA has found that adjudicators in the Creative and visual arts were often severe and disparaging in their judgment of the efforts of participants, in particular those at primary school level, and also did not provide constructive feedback and advice,” said Dr Francois van den Berg, CEO of the NEA. “As a result only a few of these participants had the courage to enter the following year.”

While it might be true that the skills level and understanding evident in the work of children often mirrors that of their teachers, who are not necessarily properly trained in the visual arts, it remains the responsibility of the adjudicator to acknowledge the achievement of participants and further, to motivate and inspire them with constructive remarks, rather than penalise them for the teacher’s mistakes.

It is for this reason that the NEA requires adjudicators that are qualified educators-at-heart and who embrace the NEA’s values of passion and compassion, integrity and credibility, inclusiveness, respect for the unique disposition and potential of each participant and have an awareness of and pride in our multi-cultural diversity.

Because of the subjective nature of adjudication the NEA has already established an annual training programme for Performing arts adjudicators. It has become apparent that it is necessary to establish a similar programme – a platform for discussion and debate and for the training of inexperienced adjudicators in the Creative arts genre.

A short session on the adjudication process of Creative work will take place on 5 August 2015 and aspiring adjudicators in the Creative arts are respectfully urged to attend this meeting. They will not be permitted to adjudicate for the NEA without this attendance.

For more information about the NEA or to register online please visit

You may also request an Adjudicators Forum Workshop for Creative Arts application form by e-mailing your details to or contacting the NEA office 011 886 6005 / fax: 011 787 3534.

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