National School of the Arts Final Auditions 2016

The final round of auditions for the National School of the Arts takes place on Saturday 15 August, 2015.
The final round of auditions for the National School of the Arts takes place on Saturday 15 August, 2015.

Aspirations abound as prospective learners for 2016 prepare for the final round of National School of the Arts entrance auditions on 15 August.

The intense and revealing audition process will clearly identify those talented learners who have what it takes to embark on a 5 year journey at the National School of the Arts in 2016.

Auditions are also open to learners in other grades who are still determined to pursue a high school career in a school of focused arts learning.

The National School of the Arts has distinguished itself as a school of outstanding achievement. It is ranked within the top achieving schools in Gauteng and features in the top 100 schools nationally, which includes both public and private schools. The NSA is renowned for the balance it achieves between quality arts education and high academic performance.

Parents of creative children who aspire to studying the arts are encouraged to consider the National School of the Arts as a first choice for their high school education. For out-of-towners, weekly and termly boarding is available at the school’s hostel, offering comfortable single-room accommodation.

The disciplines of Art, Dance, Drama and Music are the four gates of admission to the school. Application forms and information pertinent to the audition process are available at the school and at The applications must be submitted by noon on August 7.

Artistic ability matched by the requisite academic record is the only criteria necessary for acceptance into the school. The successful applicants will then be given an opportunity to grow and thrive in this unique educational environment continuing the proud heritage of excellence that is the essence of The National School of the Arts.

The school boasts an astonishing Alumni of individuals who have gone on to excel not only in the arts and the creative industries but also in fields as diverse as medical science, environment, civil society and business – including household and industry names such as Charlize Theron, Mark Bouwer, Jeannie Dee, Dada Masilo, Rui Alves, Bianca Le Grange, Thula Sindi , Lorna Maseko, Helena Vogelzang, Karen Zoid, Dan Patlanksy, Robyn Sarah Scott, Kai Lossgott and Professor Frederico Freschi.

The NSA is extremely proud to have played an important role in developing these individuals to reach their full potential and looks forward to doing the same for future learners.


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