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The Arts Festival experience is incomplete if one only attends the jazz festival, and so JazzE took some time to see what else was on offer.

Eight o’Clock

Eight 'oClock by Tsietsi Matlakala, Moses Muyela & Sfiso Madwe
Eight ‘oClock by Tsietsi Matlakala, Moses Muyela & Sfiso Madwe

This Naledi Award 2008 winning piece of community theatre is a drama with elements of humour that tells the story of a young builder Bucs, who gets himself into some debt trouble with his employer who ‘comes to collect’, leaving Bucs with a decision to make with potentially deadly consequences.

The play although a drama has humorous elements, often from the actors playing multiple characters, particularly the young male actor’s portrayal of Selina the young wife of Bucs. This reminded me of some of the really bad attempts at drag that are so often seen at Pride Parades in the townships around Johannesburg. This same actor plays the young son from birth to the start of primary school. This element added humour to what would otherwise be a very dark play indeed.

The show has a decent storyline that builds as the show progresses. The acting is way off from the fine line between the vividness necessary for theatre, and the subtlety required to create the belief that draws the audience in emotionally.

Eight o’Clock can still be seen at the Glennie Festival Centre
at 16:00 on 7 July 2014, at 20:00 on 8 July 2014, and 16:00 on 9 July 2014.
Tickets are R50

Andrew Buckland stars in the Sylvain Strike directed 'On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco'
Andrew Buckland stars in the Sylvain Strike directed ‘On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco’

On The Harmful Effects of Tobacco

A middle aged man with a nervous tick through a series of diversions from his lecture on the harmful effects of tobacco, tells of his life and relationship with his controlling wife. We learn of his frustrations, and his feelings of being trapped, but comfortable until he tells of his fantasy of breaking free which takes the show to its climactic close. Andrew Buckland delivers this highly physical performance as only Andrew Buckland can. This comedy uses exaggerated physical elements to bring about much of the humour, but as much as it is physical, there is a subtlety that makes the character totally believeable.

This production by William Harding, directed by 2006 Standard Bank Young Artist winner, and performed by 1986 Standard Bank Young Artist winner Andrew Buckland is a ‘must see’ festival at this year’s festival.

See On The Harmful Effects of Tobacco at
17:00 on 5 July 2014 and 12:00 on 6 July
at the Rhodes University Box Theatre. Tickets are R65


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