Kabomo Releases New Album

Kabomo - Sekusile
Kabomo – Sekusile

Kabomo, the best male artist of 2014 according to the SAMA committee, is easily the most versatile and hardworking talent in the country right now. He continues to prove that with his third studio album SEKUSILE. A Zulu love letter, a personal journey that sees the lyricist croon his heart out on every song with love being the theme that ties each song to each other. The album is currently live on iTunes for pre-order. His record label, Universal Music, could not be prouder to gift the world with such a mature and well thought of musical experience.

Kabomo made deliberate choices on SEKUSILE to differentiate it from his two previous albums. The first thing being that he wanted the entire album to be in Zulu, Kabomo explains, “Even though I am not Zulu, I find it incredibly expressive and accurately romantic. I love how the words come out of your mouth and create such vivid and beautiful imagery. It wasn’t easy for me to write in a language I’m not raised in, but I wanted to challenge myself and I’m glad with the way the lyric melts effortlessly into the grooves.”

The second thing he wanted to achieve was to record SEKUSILE entirely with live instruments. This allowed him to break the box that he is an exclusively Neo-Soul Artist, “I am proud to have played the role I have in growing neo-soul’s audience in this country. I love that we braved two genres in our last project. The truth though is that I love live music. I love jamming with my band. My father plays a lot of jazz and adult contemporary music at home and I have always imagined making it. I am growing as a human being, as a man, as an artist; so it is important to me that my music shows that growth.”

Kabomo loves collaborating, “The energy that another artist brings with them to a song gives me a different lens into the music, and intrinsically I become a better artist.”

On his debut album ALL THINGS GREY, he featured 9 guest artists and on his sophomore album MEMORY REMAINS he featured 17 artists. With the success of those albums, he wanted to challenge himself to make a whole album standing by himself with no guest artists, “It wasn’t easy for me to make that decision, as I am a big fan of collaboration. It was important for my confidence that I trust on my artistic instinct without reservation and I was able to surprise myself with some of the things I was able to accomplish.”

To compensate for the fact that SEKUSILE has no guest features, he worked with over 44 band members and backing vocalists, to create a very live, rich, unique, provoking sound to make SEKUSILE a ride you would not want to get off from.

The first single ‘BHUBESI’ is a plea to the gifted, which is essentially everyone, to not give up on their predestined vision. It is a plea to the dreamers, to keep their eyes on the prize. And that even when there are stones thrown at them, even when they get ridiculed, even when no one believes in them, they must have a heart of a lion and fight for what’s theirs. BHUBESI inspires whilst making you dance. It has a bit of an old school melancholy groove to it, while Kabomo’s vocals gives it a very modern soul swag.

Every song on SEKUSILE is truly a gem.



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