Gauteng Choristers present uSHAKA

The Gauteng Choristers with featured guest Sibongile Khumalo will perform uShaka Kasenzangakhona at The Mandela at Joburg Theatre
The Gauteng Choristers with featured guest Sibongile Khumalo will perform uShaka Kasenzangakhona at The Mandela at Joburg Theatre

uSHAKA presented by the Gauteng Choristers and featuring Sibongile Khumalo will be at Joburg Theatre on Saturday 21 March and Sunday 22 March.

On Human Rights Day, the stage of The Mandela will vibrate with joyous musical melodies of multi award-winning and world-travelled Gauteng Choristers plus the Gauteng Choristers Orchestra, which will be made up of 68 orchestra players, in the epic, grand and musical masterpiece uSHAKA KASENZANGAKHONA composed by the larger than life Professor Mzilikazi Khumalo.

After mesmerising classical music lovers and connoisseurs in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and the United Stated of America with sold-out performances, Gauteng Choristers, together with Sibongile Khumalo, get a chance to wow South Africans with 2 performances of uSHAKA at the Joburg Theatre on March 21 and 22. This extravaganza will be conducted by the celebrated conductor and radio presenter Sidwell Mhlongo, an exciting and captivating award-winning conductor with many titles under his belt.

The Gauteng Choristers (photo courtesy Gauteng Choristers)
The Gauteng Choristers (photo courtesy Gauteng Choristers)

uSHAKA is based on the story of the Zulu King, Shaka (1787 – 1828): a mighty warrior, known as a “courageous, dedicated and far-sighted nation-builder”. He expanded a relatively small assailable Zulu tribe by conquering and bringing together small tribes into one nation. Whilst his belligerent methods are questioned by some, what remains clear is that Shaka was a visionary leader who sought to defuse many factious and quarrelsome tribes in favour of one secure nation. Khumalo’s composition makes an appeal to all South Africans to unite as one nation. He combines the rhythmic African music idiom with the rich Western classical music harmonies to convey this overarching nation building message.

This music has been hailed a thrilling experience by audiences and critics alike. “Khumalo composes in a thoroughly Western style, but the Zulu musical scale and its emphasis on music for massed voices makes for a smooth blend of tradition. At times “uShaka,” especially its choral numbers, brought to mind the melancholy solemnity of 19th century Russian opera as well as strong hints of heroic Verdi,” wrote Wynne Delacoma of Chicago Sun-Times after watching a performance of uShaka at the Ravinia Festival, USA. UShaka goes “straight for the bone and marrow, (gripping) you in the guts and (making) you feel the pulse of a continent” (The Star).

Tickets range from R150 to R250, and are on sale by visiting, or by calling the theatre’s ticketing line on 0861 670 670.


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