Davyn Fourie – A star in the making

Davyn Fourie - A star in the making
Davyn Fourie – A star in the making

In a generation of wannabes claiming to have “it”, Davyn is determined to forge a name for himself
without the likes of talent scout judges pulling the strings.
Performing under the signature ‘Shooting Star’ and currently causing a stir with his hauntingly beautiful
vocals, this 24-year-old is on the cusp of something big…

Born in Wentworth, south of Durban and blessed with musical prowess from a young age, Davyn knew
early on, that for him, music was more than just a hobby. “I started off going for piano lessons as a young
boy, the guitar always had this very mysterious look about it, so i left it alone, until i eventually learned to
play the basics when I was 16,” Davyn recalls with a smile.

Davyn decided that rather than following his friends down the ‘traditional’ university route, it was time to
start trying to turn his dreams into a reality. This is when he opted for a degree in music and drama at the
University of KwaZulu Natal.

Since graduating he has started work on his first promo CD with a team of industry experts. “We have
been working on my Promo CD for three months, which has four songs. I specified Promo because it gives
the basis of my music. The album will be a 9-11 track full length,” Davyn explains excitedly. “But the
main thing is to get my stuff out there, and I have been doing that through the social media platforms and
my new website – www.davynfouriemusic.com ”.

Davyn explains how his promo CD was recorded at a home studio setup by himself, with the purpose to
generate a small income from his earnings to upgrade his production tools.
His love for music is inspired by his dad, Colin, who has encouraged him and legendary music icons like
Lee Ritenour, Jamaraqui, Akil Dasan and Sir Paul McCartney to name a few.

Writing his own music is a huge passion of his but he admits that he also loves putting his own unique
stamp on existing songs, taking something that isn’t necessarily to his own taste in music, but mixing it up
and giving it a new twist.

Davyn is keen to make it on his own terms through hard work and dedication, rather than the talent show
format that so many singers turn to when times get tough.
He gained much publicity when he was featured as a promising musician in eTV Popstars 2010. He has
also auditioned in Idols (South Africa) and has played at prestigious venues in and around Durban and
Johannesburg and recently played at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown with his four-man band –
Davyn & The Rhino’s.

Individuality is paramount to Davyn and you get the feeling that a show such as PopStars or IdolsSA
would have turned him into somebody he wasn’t.

His soaring vocals with a touch of the theatrical really make him stand out from the crowd and with a list
of instrumental talents that could fill an orchestra, plus a passion for writing his own material, this boy is
certainly doing things his own way.
Davyn’s unique talent can really shine; it is certainly not short of attention.
I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a big year for him.

– Oliver Meth (follow Oliver Meth on twitter: @oliver_meth)

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